Take a walk around Tunø

For anybody visiting Tunø and looking for activities – we recommend you take this walk all around. We promise you will not regret it.

This year we had the pleasure to walk the trail ourselves and also shoot pictures of some of our t-shirts while making our way around the island.

Walking is one of the most basic human actions. It’s what takes us from point A to point B, but a walk can be much more than that. In our lives, walking can be both a social and spiritual leisure activity.

It is often on our walks that we reconnect with nature, talk about the subjects that really matter to us deep down. We do all kinds of walking, hiking, trekking, alone, in pairs or in groups, we bring our dogs and go to the forest or by the ocean. To clear our minds.

On Tunø this is a central part of most people’s visit to the island. All around the island is a peaceful and tranquil trail. The trail follows the ocean all the way around and takes one through both forest, dunes, beaches and the town. Usually ending with a warm or cold drink by the harbour or in town all depending on the season.

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