Slow fashion and the motivation behind Tunø Wear

The word Tunø is the name of a small island and now also the name-giver and inspiration for Tunø Wear. Looking at our wardrobes we collectively had grown tired of having clothes that didn’t last. 

Clothing is something we all own, yet when looking into the fashion world it works in peculiar ways – often not focusing on the best quality and with a throw away/buy again logic.

That is what we are changing at Tunø Wear. We do slow fashion. We design timeless clothes in the best quality. In many countries around the world the annual textile waste has doubled in the last 20 years. We all know that there’s a thousand reasons to change the way we act now. 

We need to think differently and change mindsets – also when thinking of our wardrobe. We need to prioritize lasting quality and multipurpose clothing. 

At Tunø Wear we aim to make all our clothes suited for both the office, classroom, afternoon walk in the park, café and your best friends birthday party. Our designs are simplistic, clean, sometimes colorful but most importantly they last. So you can wear them year after year.

After reading this take some time to go through your wardrobe. Do you have anything that would be better recycled or donated to charity? And just as important, be conscious the next time you add a new item. 

  1. Is what you’re buying produced in a way you can accept and feel good about? If the price is too good to be true – prices were probably cut somewhere.
  2. Is it high quality, a good fit and lasting quality?
  3. Does the clothing have trustable sustainability certifications?

A bit of food for thought, 

The Tunø Wear Friends.

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