we create minimalist, high quality, limited edition casual wear.

Tunø Wear is a contemporary fashion brand with a focus on high quality garments and sustainable production. We are based out of Denmark with our name and inspiration coming from the island of Tunø.

It all started back in 2015 when five friends decided to go to the island to spend time together fully immersed in island solitude. The trip became a yearly tradition and during the times spent on Tunø, personal and creative bonds developed.

This is the story of how Tunø Wear began. Now our mission is to bring the values of friendship, commitment and presence in the moment into our clothing lines. As we keep one foot on the island and embrace the values of community and pristine nature, we also look out into the world – open to build new friendships and travel in the unknown. We know that there’s a world full of people sharing our values.

Our collections focus on locally produced, limited edition designs. The vision behind this is to ensure the best lasting quality while supporting island communities. Collections are made available in limited numbers and sold globally. 

Our visuals

We want to showcase the reality of friendships, relations, nature and interactions of nature and humans. Thus, we do not believe in tampering with reality. You will never find photos on our website or social media that has been edited with the purpose of creating a fake reality. We do not edit clothing, bodies, face structures or anything in that matter. We want to catch authenticity!

Thank you for joining our journey. We are five friends that are immensely grateful for being able to share creations with you. We are always open to talk, so if you want to, then feel free to contact us any time. Until we meet let’s keep changing for the better and appreciate the beauty surrounding us. Always feel free to share your mental solitude with us, whether it be in nature, on an island or in an urban environment.

– The Tunø friends