A collaboration with Mejeriet Tunø

In the summer of 2020 Tunø Wear and Mejeriet decided to begin a collaboration. The goal is to work together to promote island life and to build activity in the local community.

A collaboration between an old dairy turned modern restaurant/island getaway hotel and a sustainable fashion brand might at first sound peculiar. Let us explain to you why it’s not. 

The secret is shared visions and ambitions. In the case of Tunø Wear and Mejeriet we share a lot of these. We want to create experiences and quality. We care deeply about island life. We want to not only preserve but build on the qualities that Tunø embodies.

To be frank, Tunø is a small island and somewhat unknown island. However, both Mejeriet and us at Tunø Wear have decided to use this to our advantage. It’s a funny thing but sometimes magical places manage to stay under the radar.

In the case of Mejeriet, Tim who’s running the place, is a person bringing so much of his energy and ambition into boosting a local community. Taking a century old building and turning it into new possibilities and relationships.

As for Tunø Wear – we look out into the world. We want to give people a chance of buying a shirt that they want to wear every day of the week – no matter what they’re up to. However, we still have local roots. We know how important it is and we also know how much of our inspiration comes from island life, the waves in the ocean and the focus on presence.

No matter where you’re reading from in the world we appreciate that you’re here.

All the best,

The Tunø Wear Friends

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